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Carlab One-Shot

A photo studio for cars, automated and operated in one click, without turntable.

The CARLAB ONE-SHOT studio is, as its CARLAB STUDIO predecessor, a photo studio for cars entirely automated and easy to use, but in a lighter form.

Indeed, the CARLAB ONE-SHOT studio works without turntable, and is now lighter, faster to operate and to install, and, of course, less expensive.

img presentation carbal one-shot studio photo voiture objectifs
The complete photo booth
8,00 m × 8,00 m | height 3,50m
img presentation carbal one-shot studio photo voiture objectifs
12 cameras
triggered simultaneously

12 cameras, set strategically inside the photo studio, shoot the vehicle from all the angles simultaneously.

In practice, it means that the vehicle has to be placed inside the studio, then, when the studio doors are closed, one simple click will triggered all the cameras. A great time saver, while keeping a high photographic quality.

Once the shooting is done, the photos are automatically processed and clean of all non essential elements (like the camera objectives). Then, a dynamic 360° view is automatically generated, letting your visitors admire your vehicle in details with exterior and interior 360° views.

See the 360 player


aperçu video demo carlab one-shot
Video demonstration of the CARLAB ONE-SHOT



photo carlab one-shot studio photo voiture instantane


image lien logiciel photo carlab 360


A complete and automated solution for photographing your vehicles,
from shooting them to putting them online.

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A complete and optimised solution for photographing your vehicles
on mobile phones.

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photo hero carlab one-shot studio photo voiture

CARLAB ONE-SHOT, the quality and the efficiency of a CARLAB photo studio for cars, but lighter and even more faster.


High quality photos,
a professional seller look


A simple and fast solution,
a saving of time and energy


A fully automated solution,
from shooting to uploading