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The latest CARLAB studio is here, in a lighter form. A photo studio to shoot a vehicle from all around it in only one click.


preview demo video carlab one shot photo studio for cars

Joy to the world,
no more turntable!

Indeed, the new CARLAB ONE-SHOT photo studio now works without a turntable, thus decreasing its installation time… and its price of course!

360 Player

When the shooting is made, a 360 player is automatically generated, letting your visitor easily explore the outside and the inside of the vehicle.


Original photos

Photos without cameras

Thanks to the Carlab technology, the visible cameras all around the vehicle have been deleted in a completely automated way.

Contact the sales department

For all inquiries about the new CARLAB ONE-SHOT, you can contact our sales department right now.


+33 (0)7 86 84 36 03

And merry Christmas!

The CARLAB team wishes you a merry christmas and a happy new year.

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